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This is the most advanced, top of the line model - Dual function electrolysis system that generates both alkaline and super acidic water. In addition to all the benefits of alkaline water, the 900 is the perfect solution for maintaining hygiene in the homes, offices, schools, restaurants, beauty salons, clinics and nursing homes the possibility is endless.  


Alkaline water- 4 operation modes (pH 8.5~9.9*)
Clean, non-electrolyzed water
Acidic water
(pH 4.5~6.5*)
Strong acidic water (pH < 2.7*)
Strong alkaline water (pH 10.0~11.5*)

Large LCD display with tri-color pH, ORP, water flow and filter usage indicator
Easy push button operation

Built-in temperature sensor
Microcomputer monitored flow rate
Automatic self-cleaning electrolysis chamber
Granular antibacterial activated charcoal filter 
Five platinum coated titanium electrolysis plates the best in the industry

*Note: All pH levels are approximate, ±0.25 depending on local water supply.