Pure Spa

Pure Spa


Complete Your Home Spa Experience with Pure Spa


Mineral Ion Water Activator

•    A blend of natural hot spring ingredients and minerals retain the softness and moisture in your hair and skin
•    Mineral ion water gives a unique feeling of enjoying Futamata Radium Hot Spring in the comfort of your home
•    Chikutan ceramic enhances the relaxation effects with each bath or shower
•    Highly effective for areas of your body showing premature aging, pigmentation and freckles
•    Removes nearly 100% of residual chlorine and bacteria from tap water with its patent-pending purification cartridge system
•    Massaging shower head delivers 15 liters of hot water per minute


Revolutionize Your Lifestyle with Natural Hot Spring Water
The Pure Spa mineral ion water activator delivers the same water as the world famous Futamata Radium Hot Spring in Hokkaido, Japan. The Chikutan ceramic ball are made from Tufa, Power stone, and MIC stone that promotes metabolism, improves natural healing power and normalizes the autonomic nervous system.

A mineral stone formed by depositing crystals of Calcium Carbonate, which is an ingredient of the Hot Spring. The mineral content improves overall physical condition, enhances heat regulation with calming effects.

Power stone
Naturally activated Power stone generates a high level of far-infrared radiant energy and negative-ions. It releases 30 times more negative-ions than the natural Tourmaline stone.

MIC stone
Made up of more than 25,000 different minerals, it purifies the water by absorbing toxic substance and regulates the water quality.